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"Permission to Pause"

As we know in life . . . "self-care" means giving yourself the "permission" to "pause"!

To take the time for you . . . To place "your" oxygen mask on first!

And for me . . . it's that time of year again.

Eleanor Brown once said . . . "self-care" is about taking the time for "you" to replenish your spirit"

And as we all know . . . we can't "serve from an empty vessel" . . .

You see . . . "replenishment" isn't about selfishness . . .

It's about refilling . . . so we can "serve others from our overflow"

I know for some (including myself) we feel at times we can't give ourselves that permission . . . we feel we don't want to let down the people that surround us..

But you know what? . . . it "is" okay!!!!!!

Because if you don't . . . you can't "serve" your village.

So today's Health Awareness tip is about letting it be OKAY . . . to "PAUSE"!

And with that being said . . . the month of August every year is my month to "pause" and replenish my body, mind and soul.