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"Poop" and "Enzymes"

Okay . . . so as I've spoken in many other Health tips . . . "POOPING" is a very important part to optimal health.

And what size, shape, color and smell they are . . . can determine whether the body is healthy or not.

And "digestive enzymes" are part of this equation . . .

Why you ask???

Well . . . without proper "enzymes" functioning in the body . . . we can't breakdown the fats, carbohydrates and proteins from this Western diet we love so much.

And without the support of healthy digestion . . . we now find ourselves with poor nutrient absorption, gas, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation following our meals.

PEOPLE . . . we don't have to live like this . . .

In this Western world of today . . . we've become a society of illness . . . with digestive systems that just don't work anymore.

Neal Shusterman once said . . .

"Does a sick society, get so used to its illness . . . that it can't remember being well? And what if the memory is too dangerous for the people who like things the way they are?"

I personally . . . don't believe "any of us" REALLY want to feel sick and life with suffering ailments.

Now . . . I'm not going to lie . . . correcting the body's "internal dialogue" is hard work and it doesn't happen over night. But it is "obtainable" if you know how to do it. And that's why I write these Health tips.

So listen up people . . . we must correct our deficiency in "enzymes" to heal and function properly.

And determining how well or not you "poop" is a good indicator of what's going on in your body.

Tomorrow, we'll continue . . .

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