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"Repairing Myelin Sheath"

So yesterday, we spoke about the "mother of all antioxidants" having the ability to help "Multiple Sclerosis" patients.

Well . . . today we continue with more relief.

But first . . . let's refresh . . .

We spoke the other day . . . that we need to stop the "bad" bacteria from growing, repair the brain and digestive tract with the "mother of all antioxidants" . . . and then help repair the "myelin sheath" that's supposed to protect our nervous system.

So the question for today is this . . . can "myelin sheath" be repaired and grow back so to speak??? Is this possible . . . therefore . . . stopping the signs and symptoms of MS???

Well . . . believe it or not . . . the brain actually has the "natural" ability to "regenerate" myelin.

You see . . . this "repair" involves special "myelin-making cells" in the brain that are called "oligodendrocytes". And these cells are made from a type of stem cell found in the brain. But . . . unfortunately . . . the older that we get . . . the less regeneration will happen in the brain.

So how can we help this process???

Well . . . as I said . . . "oligodendrocytes" readily regenerates and replaces "myelin" membranes around the axons in the central nervous system following injury.

So it only makes sense to me . . . if the body "naturally" has the ability to "regenerate" and "REPLACE" myelin sheath . . . then finding a way to "INCREASE" the natural "MYELIN-MAKING CELLS" . . . is the answer to this equation . . .

So how can we best help the process of making more "oligodendrocytes"

Well . . . that would be . . .

Proper sleep patterns because when we sleep well . . . this "increases" the amount of "oligodendrocyte" in the body . . . which in turn . . . increases "myelin" formation.

And as we know . . . "oligodendrocyte" are specialized cells that wrap themselves around neurons that are in the central nervous system. And they are" primarily" responsible for "maintenance" and "generation" of the "myelin sheath" that protect the nerve fibers.

Now . . . some other elements would be . . .

Exercise, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, C, Zinc . . . "biotin" . . .

Okay . . . now "biotin" is important for the health and function of both "oligodendrocyte and neurons" . . . because it promotes "myelin" synthesis through binding with specific amino acids and increases the availability of "fatty acids"

And tomorrow, we'll finish this conversation with what vitamins will help repair "myelin" and what foods we need to STAY away from.

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