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Repairing "Myelin Sheath" to help repair "Multiple Sclerosis"

Okay . . . so yesterday we discovered what "Multiple Sclerosis" is . . . and today . . . we're going to talk about a possible way to fix it . . . or at least get some relief.

So the question for today is this . . . how can we repair "myelin sheathing" . . . if it's damaged due to MS???

Well . . . as I stated yesterday . . . I believe MS is caused by a "bad" bacterial infection that gets stuck on the protective "myelin sheath" of our brain and nervous system. Which facilitates an "inflammatory" response from the infection-fighting white blood cells from the immune system.

Now . . . how do we correct this issue and destruction???

Well . . . first and foremost . . . before we can "repair" anything in the body . . . we would need to STOP the source of the infection. And this would apply to any ailment in the body . . . not just MS.

And to do that . . . a few things must happen . . .

First . . . "replenish" the "good" bacteria in the body. This is our first line of defense to correct illness.

Second . . . we "must heal" the intestinal tract so "bad" bacteria is NOT ALLOWED into the bloodstream to cause an "inflammatory" reaction from the immune system.

Now . . . an important factor to correcting the body is this . . . there's a specific antioxidant that is called the "mother of all antioxidants" . . . and it has the ability to fight free radicals which are molecules that cause "cellular" damage.

Meaning . . . the "free radical (molecules)" would be the bacterial infection . . . and the "cellular damage" would be the "myelin sheath".

And why is this element so important to optimal health and helping reduce MS???

Well . . . it also has the ability to help break down nutrients, activate enzymes, produce proteins, repair DNA, inactivate toxins and "regulate" the immune system.

And this antioxidant is "essential" for the "cellular" detoxification of reactive oxygen species in brain cells. And with this . . . it will remove those nasty free radicals ("bad" bacteria) from the brain and body . . . and the damage that they inflict on tissue such as "myelin sheath".

And tomorrow, we'll talk about what foods are the enemy of "Multiple Sclerosis".

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