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Repairing "Myelin Sheath" to help repair "Multiple Sclerosis"

Okay . . . so yesterday we discovered what "Multiple Sclerosis" is . . . and today . . . we're going to talk about a possible way to fix it . . . or at least get some relief.

So the question for today is this . . . how can we repair "myelin sheathing" . . . if it's damaged due to MS???

Well . . . as I stated yesterday . . . I believe MS is caused by a "bad" bacterial infection that gets stuck on the protective "myelin sheath" of our brain and nervous system. Which facilitates an "inflammatory" response from the infection-fighting white blood cells from the immune system.

Now . . . how do we correct this issue and destruction???

Well . . . first and foremost . . . before we can "repair" anything in the body . . . we would need to STOP the source of the infection. And this would apply to any ailment in the body . . . not just MS.

And to do that . . . a few things must happen . . .

First . . . "replenish" the "good" bacteria in the body. This is our first line of defense to correct illness.

Second . . . we "must heal" the intestinal tract so "bad" bacteria is NOT ALLOWED into the bloodstream to cause an "inflammatory" reaction from the immune system.

Now . . . an important factor to correcting the body is this . . . there's a specific antioxidant that is called the "mother of all antioxidants" . . . and it has the ability to fight free radicals which are molecules that cause "cellular" damage.

Meaning . . . the "free radical (molecules)" would be the bacterial infection . . . and the "cellular damage" would be the "myelin sheath".

And why is this element so important to optimal health and helping reduce MS???