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"RESETTING" the body to "lose weight"

So today . . . we start the discussion of "how" to "reset" the body so we can lose weight naturally.

First and foremost . . . as I stated before, we must get our "lymphatic system" moving again.

If you are overweight, have cellulite, fatigued, have brain fog, can't sleep, can't stick to a diet and can't burn those extra calories . . . then your lymphatic system is most likely clogged and not functioning properly.

So as we spoke in a previous Health tip . . . the best way to unclog a sluggish lymphatic system is by "FORCED GRAVITY". And my favorite way to accomplish that mission is by "rebounding" on my mini-trampoline. Click here if you're in need of the one I use.

I do at least 2 minutes of rebounding (and if you're just starting . . . it doesn't have to be more than just a prance on the trampoline) 3 times a day. (In the morning, after lunch or when I get home from work and before bed).

The other way I keep my lymphatic system flowing and my skin looking youthful is by "dry brushing" once or twice a week. With "dry brushing" . . . all you have to do is gently brush in the direction that the "lymph" fluid flows (from your fingers and toes to your heart).

This stimulates the skin to open its pores and get the lymph moving again. And with doing that . . . it allows the skin to sweat out fat and toxins. And if you need a compliant "dry brush", click here

Another element to the "lymphatic system" is our . . . "armpits"

I know it's uncomfortable to have sweaty, stinky "armpits" . . . but they are supposed to sweat for a reason . . . and that would be to release toxins and fat from the lymphatic system . . .

So if you're using an "antiperspirant . . . that "stops" you from sweating . . . this is just leading to a clogged "lymphatic system". Therefore . . . retaining more fat.