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"RESETTING" the body to "lose weight"

Okay . . . from yesterday's conversation, we should now have the knowledge and ability to get the body flushing and ready to lose some "fat".

So today . . . let's talk about the chemicals in the brain that dictate to our "pleasure" foods and ability to control an addiction or "NOT".

You see . . . when we get to the part in this series about what foods are good or bad to eat . . . this topic won't mean a hill of beans . . . if we still have "cravings" and "no control". Not to mention . . . if we can't eliminate the fat.

So I think we can all agree, that the biggest problem with "any" diet . . . is controlling the "craving's" for our pleasure, "guilty" foods.

Okay . . . so listen up people . . . we now know from previous Health tips . . . that the brain chemical called "endorphin" . . . if "unbalanced" . . . makes us desire sweet and fatty food. This is our "pleasure" sensor and it makes us "think" these foods make us feel "good" and feel "happy". And are known as our "comfort" foods.

Now . . . "endorphin" also triggers the brain to release another chemical called "dopamine" which is the sensor that makes us continually "want" that sweet or fatty "pleasure" food. This is the "addiction" sensor in the brain if we're not in balance.

So how do we correct these chemicals so we don't "crave" these "guilty" foods?

Therefore . . . are finally able to get a plan together to lose the extra pounds????

Well . . . there's a specific amino acid the body produces for the brain and nervous system, that's supposed to regulate the chemicals "endorphin" and "dopamine". Therefore, no "cravings or "addiction" to our comfort foods.

But . . . when we don't produce enough of this "amino acid" . . . "endorphin" and dopamine" malfunction. And then add to that . . . "lectins" sending out miscommunication to the brain . . . we don't have a chance of getting rid of the cravings . . .

Now . . . this amino acid . . . acts as a n