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"Resetting" the "Vagus" Nerve

So yesterday we spoke about how to help correct the "vagus" nerve's function . . .

And today . . . we'll continue with a "supplement" and how to "RESET" this important nerve for optimal health.

First up . . . what supplement can help???

Well . . . we've all heard of "Zinc" before . . .

And it actually maintains a healthy nervous system function . . . especially the "vagus nerve", which as we now know . . . connects the brain to the body with a "calming" transportation messaging system.

And what foods are rich in "zinc"???

Well . . . did you know that "oysters" contain more "zinc" per serving than any other food???

And other good sources would be . . . lean red meat, poultry, some nuts, whole grains and crab and lobster.

Okay . . . so how do we figure out if we have a "vagus" nerve problem???

Well . . . there's a test you can do yourself . . .

You see . . . "vagal tone" is measured by "tracking" the body's heart-rate alongside its breathing rate. Your heart-rate speeds up a little when you inhale . . . and slows down a little when you exhale.

So the bigger the difference between the inhalation heart-rate . . . and the exhalation heart-rate . . . the "higher" the "vagal tone". Which as we know . . . is a good thing!

So take your first two fingers and place them on the inside of your wrist . . . do you feel your pulse???

If so . . . take a deep breath . . . and notice the rate your pulse is beating . . . now exhale . . . and see if you notice a "decrease" in your pulse rate.

If you notice a difference . . . you're good . . . but if there's NO difference . . . your "vagus" nerve may "not" be functioning properly.

Okay . . . next question . . . is it possible to "reset" the "vagus" nerve???

And the answer is . . . "YES"

Now . . . activities like light exercise, chanting aloud, prayer or meditation, deep breathing, laughing, and cold water splashed on the face . . . can all stimulate this nerve and regulate its messaging system.

So let me ask you this . . .

Are you a person that "sighs" or "yawns" a lot???

Well . . . a deep "sigh" is the body-brain connection's natural way to release "tension" and "reset" the nervous system.

A "true" deep body "sigh" . . . is when your inhale takes "less" time than your "exhale" . . . meaning the "exhale" empties all the air out of the lungs.

And if you're an automatic "sigher" . . . this means the "vagus" nerve is trying to correct itself. So you may have something going on in the body that is causing the "sighs" and therefore . . . the "vagus nerve" to malfunction in its duties.

So how do we "reset"???

Well . . . lie on your back

Interweave your fingers with both hands and place them behind your head and pull your elbows backward.

Now . . . without turning your head . . . look to the right with your eyes

Remain there until you spontaneously yawn or swallow

Return to the center or neutral state with head and fingers . . . with eyes now straight ahead

Okay . . . now repeat to the other side.

This simple method will help to correct a dysfunctional "vagus" nerve.

And tomorrow, we'll finish this topic with more information about "stimulating" this important nerve.

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