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SIBO - women and elderly

So yesterday . . . we spoke about the function of the human body . . . and when "bad" bacteria in our "large intestine" . . . get into our "small intestine".

And with this process . . . we can also get IBS (that's an overgrowth in the large intestine) . . . intestinal motility disorders (that's in the small intestine) . . . or even chronic pancreatitis . . .

And these in turn . . . are all related to getting "SIBO".

And guess what ladies and seniors???

We're more likely to get SIBO then others!

Okay . . . so what are some factors that can "increase" our risk of getting SIBO aside from takeover of "bad" bacteria in our "large intestine"???

Well . . . that would be . . .

Gastric surgery for obesity or ulcers

A structural defect in the small intestine

An injury to the small intestine

An abnormal passageway between 2 segments of the bowel

Crohn's disease, intestinal lymphoma or scleroderma involving the small intestine

OR . . . having your "gallbladder removed" . . .

You see . . . the gallbladder is an immune system organ . . . and the "bile" that it collects and holds . . . acts like soap in the digestive tract by helping clean up the area.

But . . . when "bile acids" are not strong and plentiful (when the gallbladder is removed) . . . there is a very "high potential" for getting an infection in the gut.

AND . . . over 50% of people who have their "gallbladder" removed will end up with SIBO!!!

And when this "bad" bacteria enters the "small intestine" . . . is can also cause "malabsorption" of fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin A, D and E.

So why do seniors have a "higher" risk of getting SIBO???

Well . . . this is due to the body making less of the "gastric acid" that breaks down the food we eat.

Plus, we're more likely to have "diverticulosis" . . . which can cause bacteria to become "trapped" in the bulges . . . causing an "imbalance" in the "good" to "bad" bacterial ratio in the "large" intestine.

And for us ladies . . . it's all about our "hormones" . . .

You see . . . If we're NOT pooping every day . . . then we're NOT getting rid of the excess "ESTROGEN" in the body.

And "constipation" and "estrogen dominance" . . . can lead to SIBO and thyroid dysfunction.

So tomorrow . . . let's talk about SIBO and "menopause"!

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