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Sleeping on our "RIGHT" side - good or bad?

Okay . . . so we've spoken about sleeping on our "back" and "stomach" may not be the best choice for a healthy body and a good night's sleep . . .

But what about sleeping on our "RIGHT" side???

Well . . . we're told . . . due to the "heart" being located on the "center - left" side of the chest . . . laying on our "right" side can give the "heart" a little reprieve from the pressure of the chest and body weight.

And it's said . . . that "right" side sleeping can stabilize blood pressure and heart rate due to this fact . . .

BUT . . . in reality . . . sleeping on the "right" side . . . puts the pressure of the body up against the "blood vessels" that returns blood "TO" the heart.

Remember we spoke the other day about the "vena cava" . . . the large vein that feeds "deoxygenated" blood to the "right" side of the heart to be "purified"???

Well . . . sleep experts say sleeping on the "right" side can "compress" that vein.

And with this . . . we become a cesspool of toxic waste just sitting in our blood giving us "inflammation" and keeping us awake at night.

And guess what???

Studies show that "women" are more likely to be "right" side sleepers.

I know I was . . . until I discovered the mechanics of the human body were NOT designed to be "RIGHT-SIDE SLEEPERS"!!!!

Okay . . . so I'm sure your thinking . . . it's not good to sleep on our back, stomach or right side . . . what's left??

Well . . . that would be our "LEFT" side.

And tomorrow you will be amazed at the benefits of "LEFT"-side sleeping

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