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So let's back up to the word "LOVE"

So the other day I told you my theory to weight loss and optimal health . . . was about correcting the body's "internal dialogue".

And my formula was the word "LOVE"

So let's better understand . . . and break it down.

"L" is for the lymphatic system. We've spoken of this system many times before . . . but to briefly review for those of you that are new to our journey . . .

The "lymphatic system" is found just under the skin of the entire body and doesn't work with a pumping system like the heart, veins and our blood . . .

But . . . it too has fluid called "lymph" and flows in vessels and channels that runs along side of our veins . . . but this "lymph" needs "GRAVITY" to move.

You see, it's a "free-flow" system unlike the blood needing the heart to pump it.

So if we don't "MOVE", it can become sluggish or clogged and sometimes even stagnant. This can cause many different health issues and diseases . . . but today we're talking about weight.

You see . . . sluggish lymph can cause premature aging and "excess" weight.

And even simple things like stress, sitting too long, lack of activity, injuries, poor posture and for the ladies . . . wearing an underwire bra for too long, can all contribute to a sluggish lymphatic system.

So now you ask . . . why does this matter???

Well . . . the lymphatic system is responsible for filtering our system and eliminating toxins for our immunity and optimal health . . .

And yes . . . for eliminating the fat we lose.

When we're on a diet . . . and lose some weight . . . where do you think that fat waste goes???

It goes into our elimination system.

So you can clearly see . . . if this system is not running properly . . . then elimination of anything . . . fat waste, toxins, disease . . . will be difficult or not happen at all.

So first and foremost to be successful in losing weight we must have our lymphatic system working properly.

Without this "lymph" free-flowing . . . we will be forever working harder than we need to . . . to lose our extra weight.

So how do we accomplish this mission of getting our "lymph" moving and elimination functioning again.

Well . . . that's where movement and exercise comes into play.

My favorite way to get my lymphatic system moving again is by "rebounding" on my mini-trampoline. I like the one with a handle so I don't fall off :) click here for the link to purchase today.

Now, the lymphatic system is a wonderful thing and believe it or not . . . it only takes "2 minutes" to completely flush its system of waste.

That's right . . . only "2 minutes".

So why isn't it flushing on its own all the time???

Well . . . in generations past . . . we were a lot more active and we ate healthier foods. So the Isaac Newton kind of "gravity" was enough for the body's elimination system to function properly.

But today . . . that no longer applies to how the human body has evolved in society.

Now, the reason "rebounding" works so well, is due to "its" complete motion.

Meaning . . . when we walk, jog or run . . . the ground or pavement stops the complete motion of movement every time our foot hits the surface. And in "rebounding" . . . the body bounces and completes this circular motion.

So if you were to bounce on your mini-trampoline for at least 2 minutes in the morning, 2 minutes at noon or when you get home from work and 2 minutes before bed . . . you would accomplish your mission.

This makes the first part of losing weight . . . doable!

Now, the longer you can rebound . . . you're not only getting your lymph moving but you're also burning calories and fat.

Tomorrow we'll finish with ways to unclog a sluggish lymphatic system.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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