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So the age old question still stands "How do we Lose Weight"?

Okay . . . so this is the question that seems to be on most people's mind these days due to life and this quarantine.

So let's take the next few days and figure out the answer to this complexing question.

Okay . . . First up . . . how did we get to where we are today? Well . . . due to our busy lives, (before this pandemic) being filled with stress, environmental toxins, poor eating habits, social behavior and the medication we take, our pancreas became overworked and our stomach acids became insufficient to breakdown the food we ate. With this silent devastation brewing, we then find ourselves with stomach discomfort, IBS, acid reflux, heartburn, weight issues, thinning hair, skin problems and the list goes on and on.

Now, we add to this cocktail of disaster an over consumption of sugar and antibiotics which allows the "bad" bacteria in our body to overtake our "good" bacteria. Remember we spoke of this in a previous Health Tip.

At this point, sugar stimulates "endorphins", a chemical in the brain that signals a pleasurable experience, which stimulates us to "eat more". The brain also releases "dopamine" which motivates us to pursue more of that sugary, fatty food. And "antibiotics" kill even more of our "good" bacteria. So the ratio of "good" to "bad" is dramatically unbalanced!

Sugar also disrupts the hormone "Leptin" which determines whether we gain or lose weight and controls our appetite and hunger. This sugar we love so much causes "Insulin resistance" which makes our metabolism and energy become too slow and we now "can not" burn calories.

At this time, sugar causes digestive inflammation, which elevates the hormone "Ghrelin" and increases our appetite even when we're not hungry. And this sugar we think we can't live without is the "primary" food source for the "bad" bacteria that started this mess in the first place.

This "bad" bacteria now produces toxins and releases them into the body, with one of the most dangerous being "Ethanol". When "Ethanol" combines in the brain with "dopamine" and "serotonin", it deprives the body of oxygen. And lack of oxygen causes the body to become too "acidic" which causes our "pH level" to become too low. Remember we spoke of this in a previous Health Tip. This acidity then causes "auto-intoxication" (self poisoning).

"Auto-intoxication" makes the "lymphatic system" congested (we spoke of this in a previous Health Tip), which "compromises" the "immune system". This causes a lack of oxygen which increases the stress hormone called "Cortisol" to elevate. This now affects our sleep, lowers "Growth" hormones, increases body fat and reduces muscle mass. And by the way . . . the "Cortisol" hormone is also called the "Belly Fat Producer"!

And when "Growth" hormone levels are off, this affects negatively our fat regulating hormones "Leptin", "Ghrelin" and "Cortisol" resulting in uncontrolled overeating and weight gain.

Are you confused yet? Well, simply said . . . all the contributing factors I mentioned above, have effectively altered every organ and hormone in your body in a negative fashion. And you didn't even see it coming!

It's a vicious cycle and a no win situation . . . Unless we change our habits!

So tomorrow, we'll talk about some ways to accomplish this mission.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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