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So what's your "GAME PLAN" FOR "losing weight"?

So yesterday we spoke about why our efforts to "lose weight" fail.

And that the "key" element to success is having a good "game plan" . . . and following the "SMART" rules.

So today . . . let's figure out what that is

Okay . . . so what are some ways of having a great "game plan"???

Well . . . things like . . .

Make a meal plan for the week . . . but also learning to be flexible with that plan . . . otherwise, is now becomes a "strict diet".

Know what's happening in your schedule for the week to come . . . this way you can "plan meals" around that schedule . . . and be proactive with a "solution" (this is a plan B)

Avoid "negative self-talk" . . . this happens when we become disappointed that you didn't stick to the "plan" that day . . . but be kind to yourself . . . and just figure out a "plan" to get "back on track" (again . . . this is your plan B)

Eat more vegetables than any other type of food

Make it a point to sit down . . . eat slowly . . . chew your food . . . and enjoy its taste, smell and texture (this is "mindfulness" and some of its 5 senses - remember I did a Health tip on this)

Eat "compliant" snacks every day . . . this makes us feel "less" restricted

And do "non-food" activities to "reward" yourself several times a day . . .

These will all help you accomplish your mission of a "healthier you"

Okay . . . so what's one of the "biggest" huddles in this "game plan"???

Can you guess???

Well . . . that would be . . . "UNCONTROLABLE CRAVINGS"

So tomorrow let's talk about that

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