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So why is "Dieting" so "Hard"?

So the question for today is this . . . Why is "dieting" sooooooo darn "hard"???

Well first . . . it's due to the "inflammation" we've been talking about . . .

And then . . . it's about "hormones" . . .

But . . . the real kick in the pants is this . . . not only are "hormones" an issue "before" dieting . . . hormones also cause "change" when we're dieting . . .

And this is why "dieting" is so darn "hard" . . . we just can't cut a break.

So how does this happen you ask???

Well . . . when levels of the hormone called "Leptin" go down . . . it now takes even more food than before to make us feel full. And this is why we feel like we're "starving" on a diet.

Okay . . . so what else can be an issue???

Well . . . believe it or not . . . the body actually has a fail-safe system that prevents permanent weight loss. Which means the body is actually working against us when dieting.

And if that's not bad enough . . . from the age 40 and on . . . the body has a drop in testosterone levels which are responsible for regulating "fat distribution", muscle strength and muscle mass. We also lose "Growth" hormones as we age . . . and with this . . . it makes it harder to burn calories.

So the next question so many of us ask is this . . . why do I never lose belly fat???

Well . . . there are 2 kinds of "fat" we need to talk about to answer that question.

And tomorrow, we'll continue with that answer.

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