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"Sourdough" starter

Okay . . . so to finish the conversation about "sourdough" bread . . . if you'd like to try making a "compliant" sourdough bread yourself . . . you'll need a "wild yeast" starter.

Now . . . "Wild yeast" is an organism in the fungus family that is found just about everywhere. Yeast is on your counters, in the body, and a bag of flour. But when it's captured . . . like in a sourdough starter . . . it can be used to make bread. And "wild yeast" is the oldest leavening agent known to man.

Okay . . . so what's the difference between "commercial yeast" found in almost all baking product and natural "wild yeast"???

Well . . . the "wild" as I mentioned above is everywhere . . . even in the air . . . whereas, commercial yeast is a single strain of yeast which is isolated. And the long fermentation with "wild yeast" can "reduce" "phytate" content in bread 25 - 50% more than conventional yeast fermentation.

So how does this help with "weight loss"???

Well . . . eating a slice of this "sourdough" bread can help to control hunger and therefore, help to improve your weight loss efforts.

So if you're looking for a compliant "wild yeast starter" to make your own bread . . . click here and purchase yours today. Just put it in your cart and click check out . . . and you'll be on your way to a healthier you.

Tomorrow we'll talk about another important element to losing weight

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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