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Stimulating the "Vagus" Nerve

Okay . . . so yesterday we spoke about all the functions that the "vagus" nerve is responsible for . . .

And today . . . we'll discover why it can become damaged and how to stimulate it to work correctly again.

Okay . . . so if the "vagus" nerve is "NOT" functioning correctly . . . this is now called "Lower Vagus Tone"

And if this malfunction occurs . . . it not only affects all the organs we spoke of yesterday . . . it also messes up the response to our "hormones".

And with this . . . our body is now . . . in turmoil

Okay . . . so let's better understand about "lower vagus tone"

What's it all about???

Well . . . "lower vagus tone" has been associated with "chronic inflammation" and if it persists . . . regulation of "inflammation" can become less effective.

You see . . . one of the many jobs of the "vagus" nerve is to "RESET" the immune system and "switch off" the production of protein that fuels "inflammation".

And if this function isn't working . . . "inflammation" doesn't get "turned off" and we are left with "chronic pain", disease and weight issues.

So how do we know if this is an issue with our health???

Well . . . the National Institutes of Health says some symptoms would be . . . difficulty speaking, hoarseness, wheezing, loss or change of voice, difficulty swallowing, loss of the gag reflex, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, acid reflux, changes in the digestive process, nausea or vomiting, abdominal bloating, dizziness or fainting, chronic pain or depression and anxiety.