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Stitches are OUT!!!


So on Friday . . . I went to my favorite (sew me up) doctor at Urgent Care . . .

And my "stitches" are NO MORE!

My lip healed up very nicely and the swelling is almost gone . . .

And now it's time for another project.

Yes . . . the projects never end here at Miracle Meadows.

But . . . I will be watching out for those "sneaky" 2x4's . . . let me tell ya!

Okay . . . so as many of you know . . . we hold "events" here on the farm.

Well . . . this June . . . we're holding a large "reunion" . . . and I'll be taking a little time off to "prep" and get ready for this exciting event.

But . . . I'll be back with pictures of the fun here on the farm on June 19th . . .

So have a safe and memorable "Memorial Weekend"

And see you soon!

Stay safe and be "mindful"

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at;

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