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Stomach ulcers - continued

So today, we continue talking about stomach and small intestinal ulcers.

And discover some natural ways to get some relief.

So let's figure this out together . . . what can help???

Well . . . the biggest factor to ulcers starts with our body's own defense system . . . our "good" bacteria.

If we don't have ample "good" bacteria in the body . . . we lay pry to all kinds of illness with ulcers being one of them.

So upping our intake of "probiotics" is a must.

You see . . . "probiotics" are living organisms that help restore balance to the bacteria in the digestive tract as well as helping to achieve optimal gut health. Which in turn . . . will help in treating ulcers.

And as we know . . . probiotics can also help improve digestion and encourage a regular bowel movement. And with this . . . they can help to stop the spread of H. pylori, one of the main reasons we can get an ulcer.

Now . . . another helpful element to an ulcer are "flavonoids" or "bioflavonoids".

You see . . . "flavonoids" have an "anti-ulcer" and "anti-acid" secretion effect. And can help to inhibit pepsin levels and activity. They also have the ability to increase gastric mucus, anti-inflammatory properties and bicarbonate secretion . . . which is a good thing and means getting some relief.

And with boosting all these good attributes . . . they also has anti-bacterial defenses again peptic ulcers.

So what are some "bioflavonoids"???

Well . . . that would be . . . red grapes, apples, cranberries and blackberries.

So if you have an attack or flare-up and want some quick relief . . . eat one of these.

I will have to say . . . I can contest to this because for years due to my cancer I had ulcers. And if I felt a flare-up coming on . . . I'd just pop a few red grapes in my mouth and chew them down for some relief.

Bioflavonoids can also aid with heart health, cancer prevention and other issues related to oxidative stress and inflammation like allergies and asthma.

So tomorrow, we'll continue on and discover a few more ways to help with some relief and/or a way to eliminate the cause.

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