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Stomach ulcers - continued

So today, we continue talking about stomach and small intestinal ulcers.

And discover some natural ways to get some relief.

So let's figure this out together . . . what can help???

Well . . . the biggest factor to ulcers starts with our body's own defense system . . . our "good" bacteria.

If we don't have ample "good" bacteria in the body . . . we lay pry to all kinds of illness with ulcers being one of them.

So upping our intake of "probiotics" is a must.

You see . . . "probiotics" are living organisms that help restore balance to the bacteria in the digestive tract as well as helping to achieve optimal gut health. Which in turn . . . will help in treating ulcers.

And as we know . . . probiotics can also help improve digestion and encourage a regular bowel movement. And with this . . . they can help to stop the spread of H. pylori, one of the main reasons we can get an ulcer.

Now . . . another helpful element to an ulcer are "flavonoids" or "bioflavonoids".

You see . . . "flavonoids" have an "anti-ulcer" and "anti-acid" secretion effect. And can help to inhibit pepsin levels and activity. They also have the ability to increase gastric mucus, anti-inflammatory properties and bicarbonate secretion . . . which is a good thing and means getting some relief.

And with boosting all these good attributes . . . they also has anti-bacterial defenses again peptic ulcers.

So what are some "bioflavonoids"???