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Stop drinking "ALCOHOL"

Okay . . . so I know this is a difficult topic for many of us . . .

But PEOPLE . . . unfortunately . . . Alcohol and its "ethanol" is the root cause to MANY of our health problems.

You see . . . "Ethanol" is the only type of "alcohol" that is safe to drink . . . and is found in "ALL" the alcoholic beverages we consume.

So what exactly does this "ethanol" do to the body???

Well . . . "ethanol" from the alcohol we drink . . . destroys enzymes that are needed in the body for cell energy.

Ever feel tired or sleepy when you have that favorite drink???

Well . . . that's the "ethanol"

Now . . . when this occurs . . . it causes the release of "free radicals" that can damage our DNA.

"Ethanol" also stops the absorption of "iron", which is the most important oxygen support in our blood. And with this . . . it creates "low" oxygen levels which create disease and obesity.

The National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Health states . . . "alcohol" (ethanol) increases the risk of cancer.

Why you ask . . . how does this happen from our favorite drinks???

Well . . . when the metabolizing process (breaking down) occurs in the body after we've had an alcoholic beverage . . . this ethanol breaks down into a toxic chemical called "acetaldehyde" and is a known CARINOGEN to humans.