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"STOP" drinking "ALCOHOL" - part 3

Okay . . . so let's continue our discussion about drinking "ALCOHOL" and what it's doing to our health.

And to do that . . . we need to break it down even more

As we spoke yesterday . . . "alcohol" which is really "ethanol" . . . once in the body . . . breaks down to a chemical called "acetaldehyde".

And "acetaldehyde" , , , is "highly toxic" to the human body and causes damage at the cellular and genomic levels.

Now . . . when "alcohol" is presented to the body and the liver tries to break it down . . . it forms this chemical called "acetaldehyde" and it damages our DNA and prevents the body from repairing that damage.

And when DNA is damaged, a cell can begin to grow out of control and create a cancerous tumor. Therefore . . . a buildup of "acetaldehyde" can increase the risk of all cancers.

Okay . . . so how does this happen you ask???

Well . . . when consuming an "alcoholic" beverage . . . some of this toxic "acetaldehyde" enters the bloodstream, which damages our membranes and causes scar tissue to form.

At that time . . . this process of scarred tissue leads to a hangover, which can also result in a faster heartbeat, headaches, facial flushing, nausea and/or an upset stomach.

But guess what???

The "brain" is the part of the body that's most affected at the beginning of this process by this toxin resulting in a hangover. And "acetaldehyde" becomes a poison to the brain which causes problems with brain activity and impaired memory.

This PEOPLE . . . is called an "acetaldehyde buildup"!!!

So if you experience a hangover, pass out, get flush in the face, feel sick, can't remember things . . .

Then you have a toxic overload going on in your body . . . that's secretively causing havoc to your health and you don't even know it.

I know, I know . . . you're now saying . . . I only have 1 beer or a glass of wine with dinner or before bed to relax me. How can that be bad???

Well . . . I guess that's for you to decide . . .

But . . . "acetaldehyde" directly induces an "inflammatory" response and we all know from previous Health tip what "inflammation" does to the body.

Okay . . . so let's figure out which "alcoholic" beverages are the worst for us.

Clear, non-flavored spirits like gin and vodka . . . tend to have less "acetaldehyde" than dark, fruity drinks such as brandy and sherry.

Regular beer is higher than "clear spirits . . . and "wine" is higher than all of them.

So when you say, "I just had 1 little glass of wine" . . . you may want to rethink your choices.

Tomorrow we'll continue . . . because the devastation to our health is not done yet.

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