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"Stop" drinking "Alcohol" - the final chapter

Okay . . . so today, let's continue talking about what the toxic chemical that "alcohol" produces can do to our health.

Let's dig a little deeper . . .

This toxin chemical called "acetaldehyde" is actually created by microorganisms during the fermentation process.

Remember I told you the other day that "ethanol" (alcohol) and its toxins are like a fertilizer that makes the "bad" bacteria in our body grow fast and out of control causing inflammation, illness and obesity.

Well . . . for those of you that are saying . . . "thank goodness I don't drink" . . .

I've got news for you too . . . this fermenting process with its toxic chemical "acetaldehyde" . . . also takes place in vinegar, yogurt and cheeses . . . just to mention a few.

With some of the highest levels of "acetaldehyde" being in artificial flavors like lemon flavoring, in breads, ripe fruits . . .

And here we go PEOPLE . . . in ground and instant COFFEE

Oh my gosh . . . we just can't cut a break . . . can we???

So again I say . . . we need to learn how to be mindful with the food we consume.

And in a few days we'll talk about these foods . . .

But first . . . let's finish this topic of "alcohol" and weight issues.

How does "alcohol" cause weight gain???

Well . . .

It stops the body from burning fat.

You see . . . when "alcohol" is consumed . . . the body tries to get rid of it because it knows it's a toxin . . . so it burns it "first" as a fuel source before the body uses anything else. This includes "glucose" from carbohydrates or "lipids" from fats. And when the body is using "alcohol" as a primary source of energy . . . the excess "glucose" and "lipids" end up . . . as "FAT".

Next up . . . "alcohol" is high in "calories" that we "can't" burn and therefore . . . get stored in our "fat cells".

And with this . . . it now throws our hormones off balance and we now make poor food choices and overeat.

Okay . . . so I dare "anyone" . . . to tell me that when they drink alcohol . . . they don't want to have some munchies with it.

And what happens in this process???

Well . . . the body burns the "alcohol" first and puts all those "empty calorie", nutritionally VOID munchy, snacks in your FAT CELLS!

So in reality . . . other than our favorite drinks making us feel relaxed . . . and warm and fuzzy . . . I don't see anything else that benefits the body's health.

So if you want to help control your eating during the holidays . . .


And tomorrow, we'll talk about another way to control our food intake to lose some weight over the holidays.

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