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"Stop" eating "low-fat" or "no-fat" foods

Hi guys . . . I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving . . . I know I did

Okay . . . so let's continue talking about how to "control our weight over the holidays".

And one way would be . . . to "stop" eating food that says "low-fat" or "fat-free" . . .

Why you ask???

Well . . .

Believe it or not . . . "low fat foods" may seem healthy . . . but in reality . . . most are loaded with added sugar and many other unhealthy ingredients.

Okay . . . so what happens when we eat this "low-fat" food???

Well . . . a "low-fat" diet can affect the level of blood lipids in the body, the LDL pattern, and HDL and triglycerides, which can potentially "raise" the risk of heart disease.

And what about the "zero" fat proceed foods???

Well . . . let's use the example of "low-fat" or "non-fat" frozen yogurt . . .

We're told it's healthier than eating regular ice cream . . . so we jump right on that bandwagon

But . . . "low-fat" or "non-fat" frozen yogurt actually has more sugar than regular ice cream.

So how can this be better???

Okay . . . so next question . . . what really happens to the body when we eat all those "low-fat" foods on a regular basis???

Well . . . the body can become depressed. And with this . . . it can cause osteoporosis, age-related memory loss, cognitive decline, macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, infertility and endometriosis . . . just to mention a few chronic conditions.

So why do we need to eat "fat" for the body and optimal health and weight???

Well . . . a small amount of fat is an essential part of a healthy balanced diet.

You see . . . "fat" is a source of the "essential fatty acids" which the body "cannot" make on its own and we need to survive. It helps the body absorb vitamin A, D and E.

So you can clearly see how important it is to consume a enough "fat" for optimal health.

You see . . . after this "fat" has been digested . . . fatty acids are passed through the lymph system and then distributed throughout the body in our bloodstream. And with this process . . . it's now used or stored for energy, cell repair and for cell growth.

And when these "fatty acids" are in the lymph system . . . they help to fight infections in the body.

So if you're not eating enough "healthy fats" on a regular basis . . .

You may notice symptoms such as dry skin, rashes, hair loss, a weaker immune system, low energy, impairment of kidney function, slow wound or infection healing, vision and learning problems, depression, miscarriages or even a vitamin deficiency.

And a "low-fat" diet is also associated with a higher suicide rate. So "stop" eating "low-fat" or "fat-free" labels foods.

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