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Stopping "Biofilm" - continued . . .

So yesterday we discovered what "foods" can help to break open the "shell" of "biofilm" so the microorganisms that are hurting us . . . can be destroyed by our immune system.

And today . . . we're going to talk about an amino acid and a few minerals that can also help.

Up first . . . an amino acid called "cysteine". . . and foods that are rich in this amino acid would be . . . poultry, eggs, lean beef, oats and walnuts.

Next . . . "zinc" and "magnesium" . . . these elements just like "cysteine", are used at nonbacterial concentration and can "inhibit" biofilm formation.

And finally . . . remember the Health tips I did on the importance of "digestive enzymes"???

Well . . . if taken correctly and in "compliant" form . . . specific "digestive enzymes" can actually help break open "biofilm"

You see . . . "biofilm" is made up of polysaccharides (sugars), proteins, lipids (fats) and extracellular DNA. And since "enzymes" can help to digest our food . . . certain ones can "also" help to digest "biofilm".

So let's "seriously" think about this enemy called "biofilm" and what it's doing to our body and health people. . .

Because it's a proven fact that if we can eliminate this "biofilm" . . . the immune system can do its job and heal us "NATURALLY" . . . as it was designed to do.

Next week, we'll be talking about another "missing" element to optimal health so don't miss out on this important information.

See you Monday . . . stay safe and be "mindful" . . .

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