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"Stopping" Biofilm - what we need to know

So yesterday we spoke about what "biofilm" is . . . and how it can affect the human body "negatively".

So today . . . let's figure out how to get some relief.

But first . . . let's better understand . . .

What are the 4 main stages of "biofilm" formation???

First . . . bacterial attachment to a surface

Second . . . microcolony formation

Third . . . biofilm maturation

And finally . . . detachment (also termed dispersal) of bacteria which may then "colonize" new areas

Okay . . . and with that being said . . . we discovered the other day . . . a microorganism attaches to a solid surface . . . meaning something inside or outside of "US".

This microorganism ("bad" bacteria, fungus or cancer) then secretes and glue-like "biofilm" that secures the microorganism to the host (us) so the microorganism can grow and multiply. This now becomes the microorganisms shell or suit of armor.

Now . . . another problem is this . . . without "CONSISTANT" attention on "removing" this "biofilm" from the body . . . they can "REESTABLISH" themselves within as little as "24 hours".

This now becomes a "never ending" battle in the body that we don't even know is happening.

So this is "NOT" a one time killing and removal thing . . . this takes "time" and "consistency" of a good "protocol"

Okay . . . so the question still remains . . . how do we break down and open the "biofilm's" protective shell in the body . . . so the immune system can do its job of removing the bacteria, fungi, other microorganisms . . . or even "cancer" naturally???

Well . . . there are several ways . . . such as with food, herbs. a specific amino acid and enzymes.

So let's finish up today with what foods can help . . . and tomorrow we'll continue with herbs, amino acid and enzymes . . .

Okay . . . so what foods can help with elimination of "biofilm"???

Well . . . that would be . . .

Garlic, oregano, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, curcumin, Manuka honey, apple cider vinegar with mother, unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil and (pure) cranberry juice - not from concentrate.

And tomorrow we'll continue

NOTE: As always, check with your own healthcare provider before starting any new food or supplement regiment.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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