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"STRESS - We All Have It - But How Do We Get Rid Of It?"

Is this you? Don't drag your stress with you!

As we all know . . . stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It's your body's reaction to a challenge or demand and Stress has two reactions . . . "FIGHT or FLIGHT."

In short bursts, stress can be positive - that would be "FIGHT." You know - to avoid danger or meet a deadline! But when stress becomes "FLIGHT" it becomes anxiety, fear, depression and "doesn't" end quickly. Common signs of stress are: headaches, chronic pain, frequent illness, decreased energy, insomnia, low sex drive, digestive issues, anxiety, moodiness, anger, irritability and feeling overwhelmed.

Long term stress or "Flight" can cause such problems as: high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Stress also increases the level of a hormone called, "CORTISOL." When this hormone is consistently elevated, it can interfere with learning skills and memory and lower immune function and bone density. It can also increase blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.

Cortisol is called the "STRESS" hormone and the "BELLY FAT PRODUCER."

The more stress in your life . . . the more Cortisol is released . . . and the more "Belly Fat" you will have!

In order to cope with any form of stress . . . the body responds by releasing the hormone Cortisol. If you have chronic stress . . . cortisol levels can become too high. If they stay too high for too long . . . negative effects on the body can occur such as: weight gain, insomnia, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So how do we control this hormone? Eat a healthy balanced diet, reduce stressful situations, exercise regularly, limit alcohol and caffeine (they both increase cortisol levels), take adaptogenic herbs like: ashwagandha, astralagus root, cordy cep mushrooms, holy basil, licorice root or rhodiola.

Stress also reduces two

brain chemicals called GABA and serotonin. When these levels are too low - anxious thoughts fill your mind and you don't feel like yourself.

But promoting healthy levels of GABA and serotonin will help restore your mind to a state of calm.

So don't let stress be your body's defining factor. Control and conquer your stress by correcting your body's "INTERNAL DIALOGUE!"

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