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"Subcutaneous Fat" - good or bad???

So today we're going to find out what that annoying fat is that "doesn't" fit into our jeans.

You know the stuff I'm talking about . . . our "LOVE HANDLES"!

And that would be . . . "subcutaneous" fat.

Now . . . "subcutaneous fat" is the "jiggly" visible fat that's just under the skin. And it's the fat we all want to get rid of so desperately . . .

But guess what???

"Subcutaneous" fat is actually a "harmless" fat and may even protect us against some diseases.

But . . . unfortunately . . . this type of fat is harder to lose because is takes "more" effect on "your" part to lose it. Meaning . . . to get rid of a buildup of "subcutaneous" fat . . . you must "burn" energy/calories. And aerobic activity is a requirement to burning those calories. And with this . . . you must walk, run, cycle, swim or any other movement-based activities that increase the heart rate.

Okay . . . so how do we acquire this unwanted "subcutaneous" fat in the first place???

Well . . . in a word . . . "nutrition"!!!

And this means . . . consuming "more" calories than the body needs to be fueled for daily activity . . . this will lead to extra "subcutaneous" fat stored.

And add to that . . . consuming highly "processed" foods with large amounts of "sugar" and "salt" can cause abdominal obesity.

Okay . . . so poor diet and lack of exercise are the main reasons for a build-up of "subcutaneous" fat. And compared to men . . . women are more likely to store this soft fat in their bellies.

Now . . . tomorrow we'll talk about the body's other fat and then we'll answer some more questions.

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