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Summer "Pricing" is Here!

Are you having a "picnic" . . . a "gathering" or a "holiday party"???

Then don't forget to stop by the Farm stand here at Miracle Meadows to get your farm, fresh, USDA certified "PORK SAUSAGES"

Just $3.00 per package

And don't forget the farm fresh "EGGS" for that potato or macaroni salad.

The "girl" are laying up a storm for this "summer" season . . . just for you!!!

We have small, regular, large and jumbo eggs available "everyday" with our new "summer pricing" $2 - $5

So come on down and don't miss out on the "yumminess" of FARM FRESH FOOD!!!

Miracle Meadows

40 Seckar Rd.

Willington, Ct.

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