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Surprise, Surprise . . . a new pill trying to be approved!

So yesterday we spoke about the FDA "banning" NAC" a few months ago . . . right in the middle of a "viral pandemic".

This powerful antioxidant has been proven time and time again over decades . . . to help "penetrate" the protective shell of a virus.

But they've still removed this element from the public.

Don't they want to stop the suffering from this "pandemic"?

Don't they want to help cure people with disease?

As I stated a few days back . . . this was one of the elements I "personally" used to conquer my "terminal cancer" and I've suggested NAC to many of my clients over the past 8 years.

But . . . thanks to our government . . . not any more!

Okay . . . so the story continues . . .

On October 11, 2021 . . . just a few day ago . . . it was reported . . . that one of the world's leading "pharmaceutical" health care companies, (sorry I can't mention any names) that's principle business is medicines, biologics and "vaccines" . . . just filed an application asking U.S. health regulators (FDA) to authorize their new "PILL" for use against this virus.

Now . . . I tried to find out what the ingredients to this new "pill" were, but had no luck in doing so at this time.

I would assume this was due to not yet being approved by the FDA. But have no fear . . . I'll keep investigating.

So my question is this . . . Did the FDA "ban" NAC . . . a non-evasive, inexpensive, safe, natural amino acid that's been sold to and helped many cancer, viral and other ailment patients with no complaints for about 57 years . . . so pharmaceutical companies can market "synthetic" pills that may or may not work?