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Surprise, Surprise . . . a new pill trying to be approved!

So yesterday we spoke about the FDA "banning" NAC" a few months ago . . . right in the middle of a "viral pandemic".

This powerful antioxidant has been proven time and time again over decades . . . to help "penetrate" the protective shell of a virus.

But they've still removed this element from the public.

Don't they want to stop the suffering from this "pandemic"?

Don't they want to help cure people with disease?

As I stated a few days back . . . this was one of the elements I "personally" used to conquer my "terminal cancer" and I've suggested NAC to many of my clients over the past 8 years.

But . . . thanks to our government . . . not any more!

Okay . . . so the story continues . . .

On October 11, 2021 . . . just a few day ago . . . it was reported . . . that one of the world's leading "pharmaceutical" health care companies, (sorry I can't mention any names) that's principle business is medicines, biologics and "vaccines" . . . just filed an application asking U.S. health regulators (FDA) to authorize their new "PILL" for use against this virus.

Now . . . I tried to find out what the ingredients to this new "pill" were, but had no luck in doing so at this time.

I would assume this was due to not yet being approved by the FDA. But have no fear . . . I'll keep investigating.

So my question is this . . . Did the FDA "ban" NAC . . . a non-evasive, inexpensive, safe, natural amino acid that's been sold to and helped many cancer, viral and other ailment patients with no complaints for about 57 years . . . so pharmaceutical companies can market "synthetic" pills that may or may not work?

And the biggest question . . . does this new "PILL" contain the "NAC" that the FDA just "banned" from general use in the U.S.??????????

Did we just get played in this game of monopoly???

Was NAC "banned" so pharmaceutical companies can make money and monopolize the market with a powerful antioxidant that we as the private sector already had access too?

So am I pissed off? . . . absolutely!

Amazon and other large distributors of NAC have already pulled NAC off the shelves. But if you google a private company . . . you may be able to still purchase what they have in stock. . . .

You see . . . this "ban" was just made official a few months ago so many individual companies are still selling out their stock until the FDA starts enforcing and fining them.

Now . . . try to purchase the NAC in "POWDER" form. This is a true NAC. Many capsule forms are NOT COMPLIANT and questionable.

I just ordered some NAC powder from a company in Nevada. But it said I won't receive it until the middle of Nov. So we'll see what I get and "if" I get it.

Now, the NAC powder has a shelf-life of about 2 years. So if you can find the powder . . . stock up. That's what I did and hopefully I'll get my order. I'll keep you posted.

So you ask . . . how can the FDA get away with pulling NAC off the market???

Well . . . if NAC had been sold as just a "supplement" . . . it would still be on the market today . . . but the FDA in 1963 labeled and called it a "drug" and therefore has the right to pull it anytime it wants, for any reason.

And think about this . . . if a new "pill" is approved and another option for this virus . . . then legally "vaccines" CANNOT be "mandated". I personally think that our government knows there's no moral or legal right to mandate anything and they are now trying another option because so many people are refusing to get a vaccine. Just my own personal take on this.

Okay . . . so tomorrow, I'll tell you how the alternative medicine world . . . my world . . . gets around this unfortunate problem.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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