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The Benefits of "Digestive Enzymes"

So today let's continue talking about "digestive enzymes" and why we need them for optimal health.

And here are just a few more benefits . . .

As we now know . . . "chronic inflammation" happens when the body senses a foreign substance. And it could be something major like a viral or bacterial infection . . . high blood sugar in the body or something as simple as plaque on your teeth.

Now . . . "inflammation" is also linked to autoimmune disorders like Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

And "enzymes" have the ability to "reduce" this "inflammatory" response.

Another element that "digestive enzymes" have a hand in . . . are healing scar tissue. And they can aid in breaking down scar tissue within the body . . . the same way they have the ability to break down the food we eat.

Now . . . if the body is unable to properly break down the food we eat . . . the body "CAN"T" absorb the nutrients from that food we need for optimal health and weight loss.

And eating foods high in these "enzymes" or taking a "enzyme" supplement . . . can boost the body's ability to break down the food we eat for better nutrient absorption.

Another issue many of us find ourselves in . . . is being plagued with "irritable bowel syndrome" which as we know is a disorder that affects the large intestine.

Now . . . "digestive enzymes" can help the body break down foods that are more difficult or trigger foods that can cause IBS flare ups.

And a study published in the journal "European Review of Medical and Pharmaceutical Science" found that a supplement that included beta-glucan, inositol and digestive enzymes has the ability to improve some IBS symptoms like bloating, flatulence and abdominal pain.

NOTE: As always, consult your own healthcare provider before taking any new supplements.

Okay . . . so we know that the body breaks down the food we consume into "energy", "waste" and "nutrients". But . . . when this process is broken . . . we become fatigued and can't absorb the nutrients we need to be healthy.

And this is where "digestive enzymes" can help.

Tomorrow, we'll continue to find out just how important "digestive enzymes" are.

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