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The countdown to "CANDY" is on

So today . . . we're 3 days away from the biggest "candy" eating day of the year.

And the question is this . . . How do we survive???

Well . . . as we know from previous Health tips . . .

"SUGAR", especially that in candy . . . is the "main" food source of "bad" bacteria and "fungus" that lurks deep within us causing illness, disease and "weight issues".

So if it's "not" possible to just NOT eat the candy . . .

How do we counteract the "sugar's" effect on "bad" bacteria, fungus and our health???

Well . . . some ways would be . . .

First . . . as we know . . . consuming "sugar" can wreak havoc on our blood sugar levels . . .

And a way to stabilize our blood sugar is by eating some "slow-digesting" protein and fiber.

You see . . . if you don't . . . the body's blood sugar will crash and you'll feel hungry and want to eat even more.

So what are some foods that will fit that bill???

Well . . . that would be . . . eating an apple with almond butter, a hard boiled egg or some pistachios nuts.

This way at least we don't feel the urge to eat even more candy than we already did.

BUT . . . that's only part of the problem solved . . .

You see . . . we still need to figure out how to stop the "bad" bacteria and fungus that YOU just fed from growing out of control.

Because that candy you just ate . . . was its "favorite" food.

So tomorrow we'll continue to prepare for Halloween and a day of eating TOO MUCH CANDY.

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