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The day of "Resurrection"

Happy Easter to all! So what does this day of "Resurrection" mean to you?

To some this day means a "rebirth". To others it's a day for the Easter bunny and candy.

But Resurrection means a "raising up" or "rising up". The word "rapture" is a term found in scripture and is a doctrine of "HOPE" for believers to comfort one another.

As we know, salvation from sin was the purpose of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Salvation . . . "saving of human beings from death and separation from God".

In this pandemic of today . . . In a time when many people are mourning their "usual, normal" life, this may be a "season" of "clarity" about what it means to be a person of faith. Or maybe it's a "season" to "become" a person of faith. Because Faith is about getting out of your place of safety and security. The place you felt was your normal or comfort zone! It's about placing the act of "Trust" in our life. Faith is strength, belief, trust, confidence and pledge.

Here we are in Spring again, disease has not stopped God from raising all of nature from its winter sleep. But what causes the buds on the trees to pop with color, the beauty of each blossoming flower or the birds to sing their song of joy? What causes this miracle to show its beauty once again. The same power that brought Jesus forth from the grave.

Spring is the resurrection of winter, it's the reminder that new life follows death.

Jesus . . . his resurrection assured us of his identity as the son of God

So I guess our question should be . . . will the rise from this pandemic be the resurrection of humanity?

Like Jesus on Easter . . . we "too shall rise". The nation is tired but life is resilient and irrepressible. Let's take this opportunity to build something better in our life. A better business, better relationships or a more compliant world. Learn how to go back to basics, treating and nourishing our bodies right and learn how to take care of the earth. Learn how to revive your appreciation for the outdoors and life's simple pleasures.

No one knows exactly what will come out of this crisis, but this is our opportunity to make things different. So take this "season" of "rising" and become "reborn" whether you're a person of faith or not.

So Rise to the occasion people . . . do what is necessary to successfully overcome this difficult situation. Have "faith" that everything happens for a reason and . . .


Happy Easter to you and yours!

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