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The "Flu" vs. the "Common Cold" - continued

So yesterday . . . we spoke about the "common cold" . . .

And today . . . we'll continue with the "flu".

So what is the "flu" and why is it different from a "common cold"???

Well . . . the "flu" . . . also known as "influenza" . . . is a contagious "respiratory" illness caused by "influenza viruses" . . . that infect the nose, throat and "LUNGS". This illness can be mild or severe and can even be the cause of death.

And these "influenza viruses" are a member of the "Orthomyxoviridae" family . . . which are "enveloped" viruses that consist of negative-sense single-strands of RNA segments.

Now . . . like the "common cold" . . . most people get the "flu" when they breathe in tiny "airborne" droplets from the cough or sneezes of someone who has the "flu".

But . . . you can also catch the "flu" if you "immediately" use or touch something that someone with the virus has coughed, sneezed or had it in their mouth . . . and then you touch your mouth, nose or eyes.

And when do we most likely get the "flu"???

Well . . . in the U.S. . . . "flu" season typically starts in October . . . and can continue through to February . . . and sometimes even until April . . . depending on the weather.

And the people that are at most risk for having a serious case of the "flu" . . . would be adults 65 and over . . . and children age 5 and younger.

So how long can it take to recover from the "flu"???

Well . . . symptoms normally appear from 1 to 4 days after exposure to a virus . . . and then last another 5 to 7 days.

With symptoms being . . .




Sore throat

Runny nose or stuffed up nose

Muscle and body aches





So tomorrow . . . let's figure out a way to protect ourselves from the "common cold" or the "flu".

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