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The Frustrations of Dieting!

Miracle Meadows has the answers!

Did you know that Dieting is an $80 billion dollar industry? And that sadly, after we've spent all that money trying to lose weight and become healthy . . . there are still 78 million adults and 12 million children . . . obese today. Clearly . . . the diets we are using . . . "just don't work!"

New diet plans are being advertised all the time and claim to be the best thing since sliced bread. (Sorry for the pun) You know the ones . . . the Low-carb diets, low-fat diets, raw food diets, the hormone correcting diets, the ketone diets, the metabolic diets, the belly-fat diets, the calorie depriving diets, the list goes on and on . . .

So what's the best diet? The answer to that . . . is "NO DIET!"

You see . . . Most diets either deprive you of the nutrients the body needs to function properly or are trying to correct a specific function of the body, like your hormone or metabolism, without "first" correcting the body's "Internal Dialogue." And this is why "diets don't work!" Of course you're going to lose some weight when you change your eating habits . . . but why do you think you don't keep the weight off? Simply said . . . you didn't correct the body's "Internal Dialogue" first!

How many times have we gone on a diet and lost weight . . . only to put it back on down the line? If diets actually corrected the body's "Internal Dialogue" . . . we would keep the weight off and this $80 billion dollar diet industry would be . . . no more!

You see . . . the definition of diet is this . . . "regulating one's food intake for the purpose of improving one's "physical" condition." The problem with is statement is the word "physical" . . . it should say "internal" condition. And this is why diet don't work . . .because you can't correct the body's "Internal Dialogue" with any of these diet plans. In actuality . . . you may even we causing more damage to the body as you age.

So how do we correct the body's "Internal Dialogue?" Well, my theory to optimal health and weight loss is really very simple. It's not about Biotechnology or Science . . . it's about the Mechanics of the human body and going back to basics. There are to 2 key element that are the cause of weight gain . . . this is even before you get to the point of having hormone, thyroid or metabolism problems. These 2 key elements are actually the reason we have hormone, thyroid and metabolism problems. So simply said . . . eliminate these two elements, replace the amino acids, enzymes and cultures the body is lack due to process and the body will have the ability to lose weight without the starving, cravings or pain and suffering.

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