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The "Gallbladder" and "Hormone" Connection

So before we talk about how to help a body that lacks a "gallbladder" . . . let's talk about one more element to a normal healthy body.

And that would be the connection between the "gallbladder" and our "hormones".

Okay . . . this is important people . . . SO LISTEN UP . . .

There's actually a hormone called "Cholecystokinin" . . . which is secreted by cells of the upper part of the small intestine. And "cholecystokinin" stimulates a normal "gallbladder" to "contract" and release "stored" bile into the small intestine so we can digest our food.

But . . . what happens if there's NO "gallbladder" to stimulate???

Well . . . "cholecystokinin" NOW "increases gastroesophageal reflux. Why you ask???

Well . . . without a "gallbladder" to stimulate . . . "cholecystokinin" now "relaxes" the lower esophageal sphincter . . . which is like a rubber band that expands and contracts to let food into the stomach and stops stomach acids from going back up the esophagus.

So "without" a "gallbladder . . . this hormone may "now" cause acid reflux every time we eat . . . especially if it's high fat foods

Okay . . . so another important element is this . . .

"Bile" is an important component to the elimination of "estrogen" and its metabolites through the liver.

So without a "gallbladder" . . . "bile" can become "sluggish" and lead to sluggish hormone "elimination" like with "estrogen"!!!!!

So it's "imperative" that we STOP "sluggish" bile.

Okay . . . . so how does the body "compensate" when the "gallbladder" is removed???

Well . . . "bile" is now "LESS" concentrated and drains more continuously into the small intestine . . . where it can have a "LAXATIVE" EFFECT.

Meaning . . . without a "gallbladder" . . . you may find yourself with "diarrhea" after you eat.

So is this all making sense yet people???

Well tomorrow, we'll talk about a few ways to help correct these problems and a "missing" element conventional medicine "DOESN'T" tell us after we have our "gallbladder" removed.

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