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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly . . . how this relates to the "Virus" of today!

Today we're going to talk about a way to fix our "immune system" so we can destroy this "Virus"!

Eleven years ago in 2009, I was diagnosed with a terminal blood cancer. Shortly after being diagnosed, getting a second opinion, having a bone marrow biopsy and finding my greatest fears . . . had now just become a reality, I decided to chose an Alternative route and try to cure my cancer on my own. Sounds pretty crazy right? Well, in my mind . . . dying was just not an option. So for the next four years I did nothing but research the "mechanics" of the human body, cancers and illness of all kinds. All while playing human guinea pig on myself.

Well, after four long years of trial and error . . . I discovered there are "2 key elements" that are the "root" cause to all our pain and suffering. And it didn't matter whether you had heart disease, diabetes, cancer, weight issues, IBS, ADHD, depression, thyroid problems or even something as simple as the "aging" process. Eliminate those 2 key elements from the body, replenish the amino acid, enzymes and cultures the body is lacking . . . and the body now has the ability to heal itself "Naturally" . . . as it was designed to do!

As I've spoken to you so many times in my Health Awareness Tip . . . being healthy, fit and trim is all about "going back to basics" and correcting the body's "Internal Dialogue".

It's not Rock science . . . It's listening to your body and treating it in the manner it was created. This book tells you like it is . . . it talks about the "how's" and "why's" we're in the health dilemma we're in today. Why our "immune system" sucks and why our body's have allowed this Virus to take us over so easily.

And then I tell you some whys to fix a suffering, broken immune system "Naturally" by correcting the body's "Internal Dialogue".

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