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The Importance of "Protease"

So today . . . let's finish the topic of the enzyme called "protease"

Now . . . this is a "biggie" . . . so LISTEN UP PEOPLE . . . because if we find ourselves being a "GLUTEN FREE" person . . . this may be some relief.

Okay . . . so the past few days we've discovered that many of us may be "deficient" in this very important "digestive enzyme".

And that "protease" helps to break down the "protein" in the food we eat . . . into "amino acids" . . . which the body can then use for "energy".

And what makes this "digestive enzymes" so special . . . is that it "regulates" the fate, localization and activity of many "proteins" in the body,

You see . . . these "enzymes" are a powerful tool for modifying the properties of food "proteins" and producing "bioactive peptides" from this protein.

And what are "bioactive peptides" you ask???

Well . . . they're generated from food proteins and have significant functions such as . . . antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and antihypertensive effects in the body.

Okay . . . and with this . . . another "big plus" is that "protease" has the ability to break down "glutens"

Whoohoo . . . that's right people . . . it "breaks down" . . . "glutens" and "lectins"

Finally . . . some relief from a "gluten-free" diet . . .

Okay . . . so what else does "protease" do for the body???

Well . . . "protease" also plays an important role in the lungs.

You see . . . in normal lungs . . . "protease" maintains their "homeostatic" function that regulates processes like regeneration of tissue and repair.

It also boosts immune function, promotes cardiovascular health, accelerates tissue repair and prevents "colon cancer".

And what happens when "protease" stops working???

Well . . . at night when there's no food in the stomach . . . the body's production of "protease" is "deactivated" so it stops working.

But . . . unfortunately . . . disease, alcohol and some drugs can override the "enzyme" that is supposed to be "controlling" the "protease" . . . and when this happens . . . the "protease" begins to digest the stomach wall and ulcers develop.

So PEOPLE . . . think twice when you have that "alcoholic beverage" at night . . . you could be winding yourself up for an "ulcer" down the road.

And if that's not bad enough . . . when "protease" isn't working correctly . . . it lays the foundation for "arthritis", "osteoporosis" and other "calcium-deficient" diseases.

So I can't stress enough just how important "digestive enzymes" and especially "protease" are for optimal health.

So start eating more of the foods that are high in "protease" like . . . Pineapple, papaya, kiwi, mangoes, Manuka honey, avocados, sauerkraut, kimchi, asparagus, broccoli and ginger to mention a few.

Have a great weekend . . . stay safe and "mindful . . . and see you Monday.

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