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The importance of "WATER" when dieting!

As we know . . . "water" and sustainability of life, go hand and hand.

Our environment needs it to restore a more natural flow regime to rivers, creeks and wetlands. And the proper amount of water is also needed for the outcome of plant and animal life to feed, breed and grow.

But what about us???

Well . . . the body uses water in all its cells, organs and tissues to help regulate temperature and to maintain other bodily functions. It also acts as a lubricant and cushion for our joints.

Now . . . because the body loses water through breathing, sweating and digestion . . . it's very important to "rehydrate" by drinking water and eating foods that contain water. One good example would be . . . lettuce.

You see . . . of all foods . . . vegetables provide the most water . . . with romaine lettuce, celery, asparagus and watercress being about 90% water . . . tomatoes coming in at 94%, zucchini and radishes at 95% and iceberg lettuce topping out at 96% water.

So just another reason we need to eat our veggies because they're a good water source to help the body stay "hydrated".

So what exactly does water do for the body???

Well . . . it boosts energy, aids in digestion, detoxifies, hydrates the skin, moistens tissues in the eyes, nose and mouth, protects our organs and tissue, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products, helps dissolve mineral and nutrients to make them accessible to the body and helps you lose weight.

And what about dieting??? How does it affect that???

Well . . . as I said, water is important for our digestion and elimination. But it also boosts the body's "metabolism".

Water can aid in suppressing the appetite, make exercise easier and keeps you feeling full.

So the question for today is . . . how much should we drink???

Well . . . on any given day . . . we need at least . . . 6 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day. That's only 48 ounces. That is our MINIMIUM amount and if we don't get at least this amount from food or water . . . the body is in trouble.

Now . . . to maintain health . . . the body needs at least half its weight in ounces . . . meaning . . . if a person weighed 128 pounds . . . they would have to drink 64 ounces of water per day to maintain good health

And to lose weight . . . we need to consume at least 1 ounce of water per pound of weight . . . meaning . . . if a person weighed 128 pounds . . . they would have to drink 128 ounces of water per day to help flush out the toxins and fat from the body.

So up your water people . . . and help flush out the fat.

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