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The "Ladies" are in the house!

So the other day . . . I told you one of my projects was to build my new flock of laying hens a new home.

Well . . . yesterday the "ladies" took possession of their new house.

And we are all . . . "happy campers"!

They have all new roosts, laying boxes, a big feeder so I don't have to lug 50lbs of feed to them "everyday" and a big run to be one with nature.

The new waterer will be in next week and I even build the run around a old "stump" so they have a "play area".

Happy chickens . . . lay more eggs! Whoohoo

And if I have enough time with weather permitting . . . I'll build another one just like this one for my old laying hens.

But . . . I've got other projects to finish first.

Next up . . . finish my patio.

And next week . . . we'll be talking about "SLEEP"!

So have a great weekend, stay safe . . . and be "mindful"

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