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The "Limbic System"

So today let's talk about a very important part of the brain and our emotions.

And that would be the "limbic system" . . .

Now . . . the "limbic system" isn't a specific organ or part of the body . . . but rather a group of brain structures that work together processing our thoughts . . . and regulates our behavior, emotional actions, storage of memories, sexual arousal and learning.

This is especially true for the behavior we need for survival such as eating, reproduction and caring for our children. And this is the system that perceives "fight or flight responses". (We'll talk more of this importance tomorrow)

And damage to this delicate system in the brain . . . can cause the body's hormonal system to become unbalanced.

You see . . . this is the system that is in charge of "perception" . . . and with this . . . it has the ability to perceive hunger or a feeling of satiety. Remember the other day we spoke about being hungry or not . . . can cause an emotion reaction and "reality" now becomes "perception"?

This system . . . if damaged for any reason . . . can also cause Alzheimer's disease which is due to the degeneration of some of these brain structures.

So how do we control our "limbic system" so our "perception" is closer to what "reality" really is???

Well . . . something as simple as "meditating" or trying a "slower lifestyle" can help.

Other avenues would be . . . soothing music, prayer, mindful breathing, yoga and light exercise.

And guess what?

This may sound silly . . . but something as simple as . . . rocking back and forth for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening . . . can calm and correct this system in the brain.

And we need the "limbic system" to be working correcting because this is also the system that's involved in some of the most challenging neurobehavioral disorders such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and dependence, and even PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

So you can clearly see . . . just how important a healthy "limbic system" is to optimal health and our well-being.

So tomorrow, we'll continue and talk about a reaction of the "limbic system" that is a very important element in today's world.

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