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The Manipulation of Our Mind

So to start off my Health Awareness Tips again . . . I thought I'd talk about some elements of our mind.

The mind is a powerful thing . . . but . . . what we see is not always what is "true"!

So today let's talk about how to separate . . . "perception" from "reality".

Many of us think we "aren't" in control of our thoughts because we have these thoughts flying in and out of our mind all day long.

And guess what???

You would be right . . .

You see . . . we "aren't" in control of what the mind "thinks" or "absorbs" from what we see, smell, touch or hear . . .

But we "are" in control of what our mind thinks "about" or "does with that information".

Do you see the difference here???

And believe it or not . . . we "become" what we think "about"

This is the "secret" of the "power of the mind".

You can create the life you want . . . simply by thinking the right thoughts.

You see . . . mind power is one of the strongest and most useful powers the human body possess. And this power, with our imag