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The "Manipulation" of our mind - continued

So yesterday we spoke about the difference between "perception" and "reality". And how "perception" can MANIPULATE "reality".

So the question for today is this . . . what can cause our glasses (perception) so to speak . . . to misinterpret "reality" (the truth of what's really happening in life)???

Well . . . one of the biggest factors is . . . "energy". The energy within our body.

A good example would be . . . if the body is obese or tired and going on a walk . . . distances look farther to them than someone that is more fit and has more energy.

Or if a people were wearing a heavy backpack on that walk . . . this people sees steeper hills in front of them than someone without a backpack.

You see . . . the "mind" sees distance or that hill . . . in reality . . . the "true concept" of what that is . . . the hill or distance is the same for both people and hasn't changed.

But . . . our "perception" or what we "think about" that distance or hill . . . is actually a "manipulation" of "reality".

It's the same thing with the saying . . . is your glass half empty . . . or half full?

If a glass of water is exactly half filled . . . that is "reality" . . .

But how we "perceive" that glass and its water, is all "perception and a "manipulation" of "reality"!

So how our body feels . . . is a big factor as to how we "perceive" life.

The body's awareness impacts our decisions and perception in "all" life situations . . .

Meaning . . . the more aware you are of your surrounding . . . the more apt you are to have a "truer" perception of what is "really" happening in life.

And the same goes for our health . . . another good example would be . . .

The more aware we are of our heartbeat . . . the better able we are to calm ourselves under stress. And it's said . . . that successful people who are more in tune to their body . . . interpret their "perceptions" more "accurately". Therefore . . . make better informed decisions and choices in business, relationships and in life itself.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about another factor in the "manipulation" the mind.

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