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The Mechanics of Losing Weight!

As we know . . . to lose weight the body must "burn" more calories then it "consumes".

And that the basic functions . . . like breathing, manufacturing cells and maintaining body temperature use about 50 - 70% of our daily calories intake. This is called our Resting Energy Expenditure (REE).

We also know that the body needs to go into a "ketone" state to accomplish that mission of maintaining or eliminating extra calories . . .

Okay . . . so let's break it down . . . because to be successful in obtaining a healthy, trim body . . . we much first understand the mechanics of the human body.

When we eat a standard diet . . . the body's cells typically rely on glucose for fuel for energy to burn calories.

And as we know from previous Health tips . . . glucose comes from the sugar and starchy foods we consume like potatoes, bread and pasta . . . our carbohydrates in other words.

Now . . . when we notice we've put on a few extra pounds . . . and try to restrict those types of food from our diet . . . meaning . . . not giving the body's cells the glucose they need for fuel . . . from these carbohydrates . . .

This is now called a "ketogenic diet", which forces the body to find "fuel" for its cells from somewhere else.

Are you following me so far???

Now . . . when we eliminate these carbohydrates . . . the body will naturally look for this fuel for its cells, in the body's "stored fat". Thank goodness the body's right on top of that one :)

This process now produces "ketone bodies" . . . and puts the body into a "Ketone" state.

Are you still with me???