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The Mechanics of Losing Weight!

As we know . . . to lose weight the body must "burn" more calories then it "consumes".

And that the basic functions . . . like breathing, manufacturing cells and maintaining body temperature use about 50 - 70% of our daily calories intake. This is called our Resting Energy Expenditure (REE).

We also know that the body needs to go into a "ketone" state to accomplish that mission of maintaining or eliminating extra calories . . .

Okay . . . so let's break it down . . . because to be successful in obtaining a healthy, trim body . . . we much first understand the mechanics of the human body.

When we eat a standard diet . . . the body's cells typically rely on glucose for fuel for energy to burn calories.

And as we know from previous Health tips . . . glucose comes from the sugar and starchy foods we consume like potatoes, bread and pasta . . . our carbohydrates in other words.

Now . . . when we notice we've put on a few extra pounds . . . and try to restrict those types of food from our diet . . . meaning . . . not giving the body's cells the glucose they need for fuel . . . from these carbohydrates . . .

This is now called a "ketogenic diet", which forces the body to find "fuel" for its cells from somewhere else.

Are you following me so far???

Now . . . when we eliminate these carbohydrates . . . the body will naturally look for this fuel for its cells, in the body's "stored fat". Thank goodness the body's right on top of that one :)

This process now produces "ketone bodies" . . . and puts the body into a "Ketone" state.

Are you still with me???

Now these "ketone bodies" replace the glucose (sugar from the carbs we're now not eating) as the fuel for our cells, which provides the brain, heart and muscles with energy.

And these "ketone bodies" are produced in the liver. Therefore . . . this is a fine line that we walk on, when it comes to altering our body's natural functions and the process of the liver.

So where do all these "Keto" diets and "Keto" supplements fit into this picture to optimal healthy???

Well . . . tomorrow we'll talk about the difference between "endogenous" ketones and "exogenous" ketones.

This is need to know information for those of you that are . . . or are thinking about taking "keto" supplements.

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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