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The "MOUTH" - "Alzheimer's" Connection

So in finishing up this topic about the article I read that stated . . . "picking our nose may be linked to "Alzheimer's" . . .

"I" believe they have it all "wrong" when it comes to the human body.

Now . . . maybe in "mice" this is true . . . because that's all they tested

BUT . . . "I" believe the "real" culprit is our "MOUTH" . . . and this is why . . .

As I stated yesterday . . . "P. gingivalis" . . . the bacterium that's a MAJOR cause of "gum disease" . . . is also linked to "Alzheimer's" . . . and this is due to the DNA of "P. gingivalis" being present in the "brain tissue" and "spinal fluid" of patients with "Alzheimer's"

And how does this happen???

Well . . . this "bacterial infection" normally spreads from the "mouth" to the upper respiratory tract causing an "infection" . . . and then travels through the bloodstream and surrounds the "brain" and "spinal cord".

So simply put . . . "poor" oral hygiene can lead to "increased" bacteria in the mouth and then to "gum disease" . . . which can cause "inflammation" and raise the risk of "beta-amyloid plaques" in the "brain" . . . leading to "cognitive decline", "dementia" and "Alzheimer's"

So who is more at risk???

Well . . . "age" is the single most significant factor when it comes to developing "Alzheimer's" . . . and it "doubles" EVERY 5 years after the age of 65.

So what signs do we need to look for???

Memory loss that disrupts daily life