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The "MOUTH" - "Alzheimer's" Connection

So in finishing up this topic about the article I read that stated . . . "picking our nose may be linked to "Alzheimer's" . . .

"I" believe they have it all "wrong" when it comes to the human body.

Now . . . maybe in "mice" this is true . . . because that's all they tested

BUT . . . "I" believe the "real" culprit is our "MOUTH" . . . and this is why . . .

As I stated yesterday . . . "P. gingivalis" . . . the bacterium that's a MAJOR cause of "gum disease" . . . is also linked to "Alzheimer's" . . . and this is due to the DNA of "P. gingivalis" being present in the "brain tissue" and "spinal fluid" of patients with "Alzheimer's"

And how does this happen???

Well . . . this "bacterial infection" normally spreads from the "mouth" to the upper respiratory tract causing an "infection" . . . and then travels through the bloodstream and surrounds the "brain" and "spinal cord".

So simply put . . . "poor" oral hygiene can lead to "increased" bacteria in the mouth and then to "gum disease" . . . which can cause "inflammation" and raise the risk of "beta-amyloid plaques" in the "brain" . . . leading to "cognitive decline", "dementia" and "Alzheimer's"

So who is more at risk???

Well . . . "age" is the single most significant factor when it comes to developing "Alzheimer's" . . . and it "doubles" EVERY 5 years after the age of 65.

So what signs do we need to look for???

Memory loss that disrupts daily life

Loss of spontaneity

Loss of sense of initiative

Losing track of dates

Losing track of current location

Taking longer to complete normal daily tasks

Repeating questions

Forgetting recently learned information

And what can help to "prevent" Alzheimer's???

Well first . . . stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Also eating a healthy anti-inflammatory "compliant" diet . . . which includes 5 portions of fruit and vegetables EVERY day and moderate aerobic exercising like biking or fast walking at least 2 1/2 hours TOTAL for the week. (best to break it up every other day)

And what foods can HELP to "prevent" Alzheimer's"

Leafy green vegetable - at least 6 servings per week

Other vegetable (NO peas and corn) - at least 1 serving per day

Berries - at least 2 servings per week

"Compliant" carbs - 1 serving per day for dinner

Protein like chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds - 3 servings per day (1 with each meal)

And healthy Omega 3 fatty acids - at least 2 servings per week

So this is "my" take on the article I read about "picking our nose being linked to Alzheimer's.

"I" think we need to be more "concerned" with the health of our "MOUTH"!!!

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