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The "Pancreas" - what's it all about?

So I first want to thank everyone for the "love" that was shown yesterday for the loss of Smokey . . . it filled my heart . . . thank you all!

Okay . . . so today we'll talk about the "pancreas" and the important job it has for optimal health.

Now . . . the pancreas is a flat gland or some call it an "organ" . . . located in the abdomen . . . and it plays an essential role in "converting" the food we eat . . . into fuel for the body's cells.

You see . . . this is the organ that "produces" the "digestive enzymes" we've spoken of before. And these "enzymes" are released into the small intestine to help it digest our food after leaving the stomach.

And during "digestion" . . . the "pancreas" makes "pancreatic juices" called "digestive enzymes" that breakdown the sugars, fats and starches we consume from this Western diet.

Now . . . the "pancreas" and "liver" also produce "bile" along with the "pancreatic juices to breakdown and digest our food.

Simple as that . . . but if this organ is not in tip-top shape . . . we are now in trouble.

Okay . . . so with that being said . . . the "pancreas" have two main functions . . .

It's an "exocrine" function that helps in "digestion" . . . and an "endocrine" function that "regulates" blood sugar.

The "pancreas" also helps the "digestive system" by making "hormones".

And the two main hormones that are secreted by the "endocrine" function of the "pancreas are . . . "insulin" . . . which acts to lower blood sugar levels . . . and "glucagon" . . . which acts to raise blood sugar levels.