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The "Protease" . . . "Gluten" and "Lectin" Connection

So last week we spoke of the "digestive enzymes" called "protease" . . .

Well today . . . we're going to continue and talk about one more benefit of this little "enzyme" to the body.

And that would be "its" connection with "glutens" and "lectins"

Now . . . I know many of us are on a "gluten-free" diet because we have an "intolerance" to these "glutens" . . .

And I've spoken many time about the "destruction" "lectins" can do to the body . . .

But . . . did you know in the bigger picture in life . . . that "glutens" are just a small part of a "lectin"???

And "lectins" are a toxic plant-based "protein" which is found in wheat products . . . and "still" in many "GLUTEN-FREE" products???

Well . . . it's true!

And both "glutens" and "lectins" have a negative affect on the human body when there's a deficiency in "digestive enzymes" and "good" bacteria.

So if you're on a "gluten-free" diet and can't figure out why you're not getting any better???

This kind of a diet is just a "bandaid" on the real issue.

You see . . . most "gluten-free" products are very "heavy" in other "lectins" . . . which makes matters even more problematic.

So the rule to follow is this . . .

Everything that is "lectin-free" . . . is ALSO "gluten-free"

BUT . . . everything that is "gluten-free" . . . is NOT "lectin-free"

And if the body and its immune system is compromised . . . and we "lack" ample "good" bacteria . . . these little "proteins" called "lectins" are now the enemy of the body causing obesity, chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases. .

You see . . . "lectins" and "glutens" are an "anti-nutrient" "protein" that binds to carbohydrates . . . all while "interfering" with the absorption of mineral, especially calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Now, don't get me wrong . . . if the body's immune system is working properly . . . and can eliminate "lectins" and "glutens" like it's supposed to . . . then the nutritional value of these foods are very beneficial to ones health.

"Lectins" can act as an "antioxidant" which protects cells from damage caused by "free-radicals". They can also slow down digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates which can prevent sharp rises in "blood sugar" and "high" insulin levels.

But . . . if "lectins" and "glutens" are the ENEMY of the body . . . we need specific "enzymes" to digest and eliminate them.

And the "enzyme" called "protease" can do just that . . . because once in the gastrointestinal tract . . . it can degrade "gluten" and "lectin" proteins into "peptides".

And remember "peptides" are strings of "amino acids" that are the "building blocks" of "good" proteins for optimal health.

This works due to these "enzymes" stopping the "gluten" and "lectin" proteins from reaching the "small intestine" where the "gluten" and "lectin" protein can escape into the bloodstream . . . causing "inflammation", obesity and autoimmune diseases.

So as I've said many times before . . . let's make sure we're getting the correct and proper "digestive enzymes" we need to optimal health.

And tomorrow we'll continue

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