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The real reason we have "allergies"!

Okay . . . so yesterday we spoke about the function of the immune system when a foreign substance enters the body and we have an allergic reaction.

Today we're going to continue this conversation and learn why this really happens.

So the question for today is this . . . if foreign substances such as dust, pollen, food, etc. enter everyone's body on a daily basis . . . why do some of us have an immune system that handles this process we spoke of yesterday . . . like a breeze . . . and others . . . end up with an allergic reaction?

Well . . . the reason is simple . . . It all depends on how strong . . . or weak the immune system is.

You see . . . there are 3 key elements that cause the body to act poorly when a foreign substance is present, therefore, causing allergies.

First, is "dehydration". When the body is "dehydrated" it produces "higher" amounts of "histamine" on any normal given day. Now add in a foreign substance, with an already high histamine production and you end up with a runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy ears, dry mouth, etc.

Now . . . most of us at this point will take an "Antihistamine" to stop these symptoms . . .

But . . . "antihistamines" actually cause the body to be even more "dehydrated". And this is why we have continuous "allergies".

So instead of taking an antihistamine to try to slow the production of this histamine . . . drinking plenty of water will help prevent the "higher" histamine production in the first place . . . alleviating the allergy symptoms.

The next 2 factors go hand in hand. The main reason we have a malfunctioning immune system is due to not enough "good" bacteria in our body. Without this defense system in place . . . it allows pathogens and "allergens" to enter the body. Our immune system now lacks the ability to fight these foreign substances allowing them to run a muck.

And if that wasn't bad enough . . . this lack of ample "good" bacteria in the body now also allows the toxic proteins in lectins (which we consume every day) to cause massive "miscommunication" in the immune system. This allows the body's natural defense process of "inflammation" and "histamine" to overproduce and run a muck. </