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The real secret to "youthful" looking skin

Okay . . . so today we're going to finish up the topic of "collagen".

We now know . . . that supplementing our body and health with collagen supplements and powders may not be the best avenue to take when trying to obtain youthful skin.

And that consuming foods high in collagen are a better route to take, due to the natural amounts of their counteracting amino acids.

We also found that drinking lots of water is a must to a youthful grow and making sure the lymphatic system is flushing properly is a key elements to looking younger.

Okay . . . so now you ask . . . what are other natural ways to getting rid of the wrinkles for youthful looking skin???

Well . . . for one . . . doing a regular facial massage . . .

Why you ask???

Well . . . massaging the face on a daily basic has the ability to "stimulate" the body's collagen production and strengthen muscle memory.

Remember . . . natural collagen is a huge molecule that "doesn't" hang out on the surface of the skin and is produced in the skin's second layer called the dermis. These are the molecule deep "within" the skin that determine the size of our pores that we can see with the naked eye.

So think about this . . .

What's the visible difference between a baby's skin and an aging adult's skin???

Well . . . the difference is the size of the pores in the skin. A baby's skin you can't even see the pores . . . whereas with an aging adult . . . the larger our pores become . . . the older we look.

And when we stimulate the increase of collagen production by massaging the face . . . the skin becomes denser and pores get squished in . . . meaning less visible pores, less lines and therefore . . . looking younger.

Another element would be . . .

My personal secret . . . organic "unrefined" cold pressed coconut oil.

So why does this work so well???

Well . . . coconut oil is the safest way to boost the production of collagen. It's easily "absorbed" into the skin and it "encourages" the "regeneration" of cells in the skin, which effectively fades away wrinkles and makes the skin taut.

So get "your" youthful glow on by . . . eliminating sugar from the diet, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, protect yourself from too much sun, massage your face daily and stimulate the skin naturally to produce its own natural collagen.

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