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The Reality of Life's Journey

Yesterday we spoke of how our "energy" levels, physical health and even if we're hungry or not . . . has the ability to alter our "perception" of what's really happening in life.

Well today . . . let's continue . . . but with the reality of life's journey.

It was once said . . . That the irony of the human condition . . . is that we are so focused on reaching a certain point in our life, a certain happiness or a certain goal . . .

We forget that our journey "itself" . . . is "where" life really happens.

And this is where "perception" and/or "reality" can make or break us.

You see . . . our current condition in life is not our destiny . . . but rather a temporary situation that we all have to pass through in order to reach our common goal of eternal life. Therefore, we all have a story to tell of our individual journey . . . and that's what makes us unique.

So the question you need to ask yourself is this . . . is the journey you've taken through life where you "intended" to go . . . or is it where you "needed" to be?

Have you let "perception" or "reality" be your guide in your journey through life?

You know . . . when I was young . . . as most of us found ourselves . . . "perception" and "reality" to life weren't even close together. We lived in the fantasy of "perception".

But when I was diagnosed with "terminal cancer" 12 years ago . . . I had a wake up call to "reality".

My "reality" was that I had cancer . . . and because there is no cure for this cancer . . . I was most likely going to die of this horrifying disease.

Now . . . that was my "reality . . . but what I did with that information . . . was my "perception" of that "reality".

I chose to "perceive" my cancer . . . as a challenge . . . not as an ending.

And my journey through life . . . has ended up where I "needed" to be" . . . giving life changing information to YOU . . . not where I "intended" to go in life . . .

You see . . . life's journey happens in a blink of an eye. So we must create a path for ourselves that parallels with "reality" . . . then and only then will the human body be where it "needs" to be.

So what part of the body is in charge of how we perceive life and ultimately how we pursue it?

Well . . . that would be the body's "limbic system". And tomorrow we'll discover the possibilities of how to alter this system so we go through life reacting closer to "reality" than "perception".

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