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The Reality of Life's Journey

Yesterday we spoke of how our "energy" levels, physical health and even if we're hungry or not . . . has the ability to alter our "perception" of what's really happening in life.

Well today . . . let's continue . . . but with the reality of life's journey.

It was once said . . . That the irony of the human condition . . . is that we are so focused on reaching a certain point in our life, a certain happiness or a certain goal . . .

We forget that our journey "itself" . . . is "where" life really happens.

And this is where "perception" and/or "reality" can make or break us.

You see . . . our current condition in life is not our destiny . . . but rather a temporary situation that we all have to pass through in order to reach our common goal of eternal life. Therefore, we all have a story to tell of our individual journey . . . and that's what makes us unique.

So the question you need to ask yourself is this . . . is the journey you've taken through life where you "intended" to go . . . or is it where you "needed" to be?

Have you let "perception" or "reality" be your guide in your journey through life?

You know . . . when I was young . . . as most of us found ourselves . . . "perception" and "reality" to life weren't even close together. We lived in the fantasy of "perception".

But when I was diagnosed with "terminal cancer" 12 years ago . . . I had a wake up call to "reality".

My "reality" was that I had cancer . . . and because there is no cure for this cancer . . . I was most likely going to die of this horrifying disease.