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The Secret to a "Cytokine Storm"

So we've spoken about what a "cytokine storm" is and how its inflammation can affect the body negatively. Which can allow this "virus" to cause issues for our health.

We also spoke about a few foods that can help to relieve inflammation and yesterday we spoke of the foods that can cause this upset of too much inflammation in the body.

So today . . . I'm going to tell you one of my little secrets to keeping inflammation and a "cytokine storm" at bay.

As we know . . . small flare-ups of "inflammation" are a good thing because it's the immune system working to heal the body. Those are our "anti-inflammatory" cytokines.

But . . . "chronic" inflammation can be a sign of something more concerning such as rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, weight issues or even cancer. And those are our "proinflammatory" cytokines. (As we spoke of yesterday)

And we now know . . . that the body's "cytokines" are what "regulates" inflammation.

So knowing this information . . . when I was diagnosed with cancer 12 years ago . . . I knew how important it was to keep the inflammation in my body to a minimum.

You know . . . just enough to heal my body . . . but not too much to cause a "storm".

Well . . . one of the foods I found that fit that bill . . . was "mung beans".

You see . . . "mung beans", also spelt "moong", are a green little bean that's smaller than a pea. They're a subtropical plant and are native to the Indian subcontinent . . . mainly found in India, China and South East Asia.

When they're in whole form . . . they're called "mung" bean . . . but when split like a split pea . . . they're now "yellow" in color and are called "mung dal or moong dal". Dal meaning split. And "mung dal" is the perfect Sattvic detox food in Ayurveda and is a staple in Indian culture.

You see . . . "mung bean" has many important properties such as being an excellent "anti-inflammatory" and a "very powerful antioxidant".

Other interesting features of "mung bean" are that they provide us with energy and promote healthy skin, hair and nails. They help to detoxify the body and if you're overweight . . . they actually protect us against weight "gain" and fat "accumulation" caused by a high-fat diet . . . all due to their positive impact on our gut microbiota (our good bacteria).

But why does "mung bean" work so well protecting us from a "cytokine storm"???

Well . . . there are nucleus proteins that are called HMGB1 (High Mobility Group Box Protein 1) in the body . . . these proteins are released by Glia, which are non-neuronal cells (meaning not nerves) of the brain and nervous system. And these proteins are released when inflammation in the body is activated.

So simply said . . . when a foreign pathogen like this virus or an inflammatory food like the ones we spoke of yesterday enter the body . . . the molecule HMGB1 runs amuck . . .

And not only does "mung bean's" . . . "anti-inflammatory" properties protect the body from this activity. But its powerful "antioxidant" properties "inhibit" this molecule and the inflammatory "cytokine" called "proinflammatory" cytokines we spoke of yesterday. This in turn . . . can protect our DNA from damage.

Okay , , , so you can clearly see just how important this little bean is for keeping this virus, other pathogens and inflammation in control for optimal health.

BUT . . . Mung bean has a "partner" in this equation to obtain its full effect.

So tomorrow I'll give you one of my "mung bean" recipes and we'll continue this conversation with one more key element that works in harmony this "mung bean" to control inflammation in the body, a "cytokine storm" and possibly this virus.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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