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The Secret to "Thanksgiving" Eating

So it's that time of year again . . .

And as they say . . . "LET THE EATING BEGIN"

So this week . . . I'll be hosting an early "Thanksgiving" dinner for the senior housing where my mom lives . . . so I'll be taking a little time off from posting to cook and accomplish that mission of giving back to the community.

But . . . how can we keep the Holiday's "healthy"???

Well . . . choosing "compliant" carbs are a good start . . . making lots of fruit and vegetable side dishes, using bone broth for soups and gravies, making healthy salads and other foods that contain lots of water and fiber elements.

Some good examples would be . . . pumpkin soup, wild rice and mushrooms and side salads with greens, pears, apples, almonds and walnuts . . .

And if you want to help keep the calories off . . . think about replacing those "alcohol" calories with "sparkling water" or "sparkling juices"

And just keep in mind that the unhealthiest Thanksgiving foods are . . . candied yams, fried appetizers and mashed potatoes with gravy

So this Holiday season . . . let's try to . . .

Workout when we can

Don't skip meals

Eat a good "compliant" breakfast

Bring a healthy dish to dinner if you're visiting

Pick and choose your indulgences

Slow down your eating . . . chew your food slowing

Go easy on the adult beverages

And shift your focus to "gratitude"

So tomorrow I'll give you one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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