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The "Sodium" . . . "Lymphatic System" Connection

So the other day . . . I said that "sodium" helps keep the water inside and outside the body's cells "in balance". And most of the sodium in the body . . . about 85% . . . is found in blood and our "lymph fluid system".

Now . . . the U.S, National Library of Medicine, National Center of Biotechnology Information states that . . . "lymphatic vessels" in the "lymphatic system" . . . REGULATE "sodium" and "fluid homeostasis" . . . which makes for a clear relationship between "salt intake" and "hypertension".

Okay . . . so with that being said . . . this is how the "lymphatic system" is supposed to work.

The body stores the "sodium" we consume in our skin, the immune system cells and in "lymph capillaries" which are in the "lymphatic system".

This system "REGULATES" sodium" "balance" and "blood pressure".

And an increase of "sodium" intake . . . therefore . . . an accumulation in the body . . . will result in an "increase" of "lymph flow" to flush the "sodium" out of the body.

This is how it's supposed to work.

BUT . . . if the "lymphatic system" is "clogged" or "stagnant" . . . this flushing process doesn't happen . . . leaving the kidneys overwhelmed trying to get rid of the "sodium".

At this time . . . the body "holds" on to "more" fluid than it can handle trying to DILUTE the "sodium" . . .

And with this . . . the extra "fluid" the body is "holding" . . . can contribute to water retention, high blood pressure, kidney problems, heart attack and/or stroke.

Now . . . in a few days we're going to talk about the "lymphatic system" again . . . and how to "clean" it. But for now . . . we just need to remember that the "lymphatic system" works to keep body fluid levels "in balance". All while . . . defending the body against "infections".

So, I've spent a lot of time researching the "lymphatic system" over the years . . . and I believe the answer to "high blood pressure" and ultimately heart disease and stroke are . . .

Reducing and controlling our "sodium" intake to what the body needs for optimal health (1500 milligrams per day)

Eating an "anti-inflammatory" diet like from my cookbook "The Compliant Cookbook", or my "30 day "compliant meal plan"

And most importantly . . . cleaning out the "lymphatic system" from being "clogged" or "stagnant" so it can work "properly".

So simply said . . . if our "lymphatic system" is "clogged" or "stagnant" . . . and "can't" flush out the "sodium" we have consumed . . . the body "hold" too much "fluid" which elevates our "blood pressure" . . . causing heart health issues and even stroke.

Okay . . . so what are some easy ways to tell if this is an issue for our body???

Well . . . we would notice our rings fit more tightly than they used to, we'd be stiff or sore in the morning when we wake, our feet and hands would be cold, we would have a brain fog going on, we'd have chronic fatigue, be depressed, have tummy bloating or have unexplained weight issues . . .

So tomorrow . . . we'll continue talking about how too much "sodium" in the body can alter it long-term.

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